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Welcome to Rental Pro Rentals

The online booking portal for
your rental properties is a rental property management online booking portal used in conjunction with the Visual Rental Pro reservation management system.

Visual Rental Pro is a powerful, flexible, and affordable Windows-based reservation management system which allows users to manage their rental property portfolio. With a click of the mouse, data from your Visual Rental Pro system is posted to a database on a webserver, allowing for online reservations.

Visual Rental Pro features include:

  • tracking and management of an unlimited number of properties.
  • track owner information, company commissions, owner-paid expenses, and produce 1099 reports.
  • produce & print owner payout checks, vendor payout checks, monthly statements, and a wide variety of reports, including PDF report generation for emailing to renters and to property owners.
  • define simple to complex rental pricing policies for each property
  • property-specific or system wide tax rates and commission percentages
  • sync with Microsoft Word to produce rental agreement letters (and letters to owners) in the format that you want.
  • sync renter, owner, & vendor contact info and booking schedules with Microsoft Outlook.
  • define simple to complex rental pricing policies for each property
Getting your properties online

The headache of getting your properties online for the world to see is a thing of the past.  The Visual Rental Pro online booking module integrates directly with VRP running in your office for unparalleled ease of use.  With a click of the mouse, pertinent data from your VRP  reservation management system running in your office is posted to the internet for perspective renters to book.  Website visitors search your online database of properties and make a reservation.  Visual Rental Pro users in your office download these "online" reservations and either accept or reject them.

Your Visual Rental Pro office database and the online database remain as separate entities.  Website visitors are not querying and updating your VRP database directly.  Instead, they are accessing a copy of your database.

See how it works for a detailed description of the online booking module and visit the demo sites page to see the process in action.


Contact for details on how to place your rental properties on the internet.


Allow prospective renters to search
 your properties and book online
Users running Visual Rental Pro in your office enjoy point-and-click ease when updating their website database and for retrieving reservations taken online by site visitors.

Reservations taken online are retrieved from the website directly into VRP for review. The VRP user either accepts or rejects each reservation. The user can also move the renter to another property if necessary.



Visit Visual Rental Pro for the latest news & updates.



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