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Frequently asked questions

Our company already has a website. How do we integrate our site with the online module?

You would simply add a link to an existing page on your website that takes the site visitor to the data driven website.  For example, assume that your existing website address is "".  On this site you have a "properties" page.  You would add a link to this "properties" page that looks like:

<a href="">Search our rentals</a>  OR

<a href="">View our properties</a> OR

<a href="">Rentals</a>

Can we host our data on our own or webserver?

No.  Due to specific software requirements, the data most be hosted on our servers.

What would the website address be for our rental properties?

The website address would have to be a subdomain of the "" domain.  This subdomain name would be a name of your choosing.  The subdomain could match the name of a website address that you already have.  Some examples:

Existing website address Online booking module address

Are people accessing our database directly when they make a reservation?

Website visitors are not accessing your Visual Rental Pro database directly.  Instead, they are accessing a copy of your Visual Rental Pro data that you have posted to the webserver hosting the data-driven website. 

Some of our property owners do NOT want their properties on the internet.  Is this a problem?

With Visual Rental Pro, you can flag which properties are to be included in a data posting to the webserver and which properties are to be excluded from the upload.

How do we know when a reservation was made via the online module?

The online booking module sends an email to your rental company's email address informing you that a new reservation was added to the online database.  Also, the Visual Rental Pro user can simply run the download option within VRP to retrieve any new online bookings in order to see if new reservations had been added. 


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