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How it works

The online reservation booking module for Visual Rental Pro allows rental property management companies to post their rental property portfolio to the internet so that website visitors can search for properties and make reservations online.  Website visitors will use this data-driven website to search for properties, view property pictures, check availability, and book reservations.  These "online taken" reservations are saved into a database on the webserver which is then downloaded into Visual Rental Pro for review.  The VRP user either accepts or rejects the reservation.  Accepted reservations are moved into the real reservations database of VRP and are also posted back to the webserver to keep the webserver database current.  Renters whose reservations were rejected are notified via email that their reservation was not accepted.  Rejected reservations are simply deleted from the webserver database.

Detailed steps

1) Visual Rental Pro data is posted to the webserver

 A trimmed down copy of your VRP database (property information, rental rates, currently booked dates, and configuration information) is posted to a webserver hosting the online booking module.  The posting process searches for new or modified VRP data and posts that information to the webserver.  This method ensures that the post process runs quickly.  (A "post all" option is also available.)

  2) Website visitors book a property

Website visitors search for properties based on a variety of parameters, including availability dates, location, bedrooms, baths and the number of people the property can accomodate.  When a property is found, the site visitor books the property with their checkin/checkout dates, contact information, and email address.  If the reservation information passes validation, the reservation is saved into the webserver database and an email is sent to the property management company.

  3) Accept or reject online reservations

Using an option in the Visual Rental Pro program running in your office, the reservationist  downloads these website-booked reservations for review. A review module inside the VRP program allows the user to either accept or reject each reservation.  Accepted reservations are added to the reservation database.  Rejected reservations are simply deleted from the system.  Both the accept & reject process send emails to the renter notifying them of the status of their reservation.  The VRP user can also change a tentative reservation before accepting or rejecting the reservation. You may find it necessary (if agreeable by the renter) to move the renter to another property or perhaps change the checkin/checkout dates.  Accepted reservations are posted back to the website so that new reservation dates are reflected in the property availability.

Configuring options

The online booking process can be configured to look like either a real reservation (requiring credit cards to hold the reservation) or a tentative reservation, requiring review from a reservation specialist in your office.  You configure the booking process to your requirements.  You also specify the text that is presented to the prospective renter during the booking process.  This includes specifying your own rental/booking policy as well the terms you wish to use when finalizing a booking. This allows each company using VRP to configure the process to match their own business practice. 

You can also specify if credit card information is required from the renter during the booking process.  Although credit cards are not charged during the booking process, the information can be required with their reservation information and can be used later when imported into Visual Rental Pro as a renter payment when the reservation is accepted.   

The text used in the accept / reject email messages (which get sent out to the renter) is also composed by the Visual Rental Pro user.





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