Welcome to RentalProRentals.com

RentalProRentals.com is a rental property management online booking portal used in conjunction with the Visual Rental Pro reservation management system.  Visual Rental Pro is a powerful, flexible, and affordable Windows-based reservation management system which allows users to manage their rental property portfolio.  Features include the tracking of an unlimited number of properties, owner information, commissions, owner-paid expenses, owner & vendor payouts, 1099 reporting, email functionality, PDF report generation, syncing with Microsoft Outlook, and letter production via an interface to Microsoft Word.  Information on Visual Rental Pro can be viewed at http://www.rentalpro.com.

Online Bookings for your Rental Properties

An add-on feature of Visual Rental Pro program is the ability to allow website visitors to book tentative reservations online.  A trimmed down copy of your Visual Rental Pro data (property information, pictures, and dates for existing reservations) which resides in the VRP program running in your office will be "pushed" to a webserver that hosts the online booking module. Site visitors will use this data-driven website to search for properties, view pictures, check availability, and book tentative reservations.

VRP users in your office will be able to run an option in VRP that "pulls down" these tentative reservations for review. Reservationists may wish to phone the perspective renter before accepting the reservation. You can implement a company policy that works best for you. The reservationist pulls down these tentative reservations and accepts / rejects the web reservations, notifying the perspective renter in the process.

Sample websites will be available soon that will illustrate the capabilities of the online booking module.