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Rental Property Management

Rental property management can be a daunting task without the proper software to facilitate the job.  You need a system that is fast, flexible, and expandable.  You need a system that can integrate with the most popular word processing software in the world, and can email reports and reservation information to renters and owners alike.  The right system must be a multi-user, network ready system that can handle both small and large volumes of data, one that can  accommodate a company's growing rental property portfolio.  You need a system that is  configurable to meet your company's business policies.

And to reach a world-wide audience, your rental property portfolio has to be available to perspective renters on the internet.

M/K Software invites you to look at Visual Rental Pro.   See how easy, inexpensive, flexible, and powerful a rental property management system can be.  And now, an on-line reservation booking module is available that works in conjunction with Visual Rental Pro to make the process of taking reservations over the web as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Please take a moment to review the site and make sure to request a Visual Rental Pro demo CD.


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